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5-on-5 Tournaments

  1. We will be playing with FIBA rules with tournament modifications.

  2. All games will consist of TWO 16-minute stop time halves. First OT period will be 2 minutes (stoppage time). Second OT will be sudden death (first point scored) after a jump ball. Running time may not occur with the approval of the site coordinator.

  3. Pre-game warm-ups will last a minimum of 5 minutes and the halftime break will be 3 minutes.  The breaks can be shortened at the discretion of the site coordinator if we are running behind.

  4. The first listed team in the draw is the home team and should wear the light coloured uniforms. Teams may make arrangements among themselves to change this guideline. Teams MUST bring both uniform tops to all games if they have them.

  5. The tournament organizers do not play any role in the allocation of officials for the games. 

  6. All players will be allowed FIVE PERSONAL FOULS before they are disqualified. Bonus foul shots (two shots) will be shot on the 8th team foul in every half.

  7. Teams will get TWO 60-second time-outs per half (no carry-over). One time-out will be given out for the 1st overtime period. Time-outs must be called through the scoretable.

  8. Team coaches are responsible for the conduct and supervision of their players and fans/parents. Unacceptable behaviour may result in the person being banned from the gym for the remainder of the tournament.

  9. We will NOT be using a shot clock. However, teams which deliberately stall will be given a 10 second warning. 8-second backcourt and over-and-back at center are in effect.

  10. All teams should bring their own warmup balls. Size 6 balls are to be used for all divisions except Boys U14 and above which will use size 7.

  11. No restrictions on zone defenses. No pressing is permitted once a team has established a lead of 20 points or more.  Although zone is permitted at our events, we strongly discourage it from being played at the U13 and below level for development purposes as identified by  Canada Basketball and USA Basketball.

  12. Pool tie-breakers are: a) head-to-head, b) point differential (max 20 pt/game), c) points against, d) coin toss

  13. All decisions made by the tournament director or site coordinator ARE FINAL!


Teams that do not follow our eligibility guidelines BELOW will be forced to forfeit their gameS

Athletes may be required to prove date of birth by showing government identification at the event (birth certificate, passport, driver's license, etc). Athletes that are unable to provide identification will not be permitted to play at the event and the team will be forced to forfeit. It is the responsibility of the club to make sure all players are eligible.


U9 - born on Sept 1, 2014 or later
U10 - born on Sept 1, 2013 or later
U11 - born on Sept 1, 2012 or later
U12 - born on Sept 1, 2011 or later
U13 - born on Sept 1, 2010 or later
U14 - born on Sept 1, 2009 or later
U15 - born on Sept 1, 2008 or later
U16 - born on Sept 1, 2007 or later
U17 - born on Sept 1, 2006 or later

U18 - graduating high school in 2024


U9 - born on Jan 1, 2015 or later
U10 - born on Jan 1, 2014 or later
U11 - born on Jan 1, 2013 or later
U12 - born on Jan 1, 2012 or later
U13 - born on Jan 1, 2011 or later
U14 - born on Jan 1, 2010 or later
U15 - born on Jan 1, 2009 or later
U16 - born on Jan 1, 2008 or later
U17 - born on Jan 1, 2007 or later

U18 - graduating high school in 2024

Parents Code Of Conduct

Spectators that are verbally abusive to others including parents, officials, scorekeepers or any members of our staff will be revoked from the tournament.


  1. Be positive - Cheers should only be encouraging and supportive.

  2. Your child's opponents are not the enemy - Parents should cheer for everyone, even players on the other team.

  3. Referees are people too - Have respect for and don't yell at the referees.

  4. Your children are watching - Set an example for your children with your behaviour.

  5. You are not the coach - Spectate from the sidelines and encourage the players, nothing more.

  6. Be supportive - Players do not need added pressure from parents on the sideline.  Be supportive and not critical.

  7. Celebrate sportsmanship - Always remember and try to reinforce the values of sportsmanship.

  8. It's just a game and these are just kids - Don't get caught up in the competition or get overly competitive with other parents.

  9. Have fun and enjoy the game - Enjoy watching your kids do something they love, and be satisfied that they had fun whether they win or lose.



Sportsmanship. Ethics. Integrity.


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