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Frequently Asked Questions

My team has a scheduling restrictions. Am I still able to enter my team in your tournaments?

You can make a scheduling request on the registration form and we will try our best to make it happen. Usually it is not a problem for us to work around your team's scheduling restrictions during pool play (first day of the tournament) because the game times are predetermined however it does become a challenging during bracket play because your games times are usually determined by your pool results.

Some of your tournaments have venues that are far from each other.  Am I required to travel back and forth between all of the gyms?

We pride ourselves on scheduling teams accordingly so that your players, coaches and parents have the best possible experience at our events. We try our best to keep you at the same venue each day to reduce your travel time. In the odd chance that you do have to play at two different venues on the same day, we will make sure you have plenty of time to get to your next game.

We are an out-of-town team and would like to play our games over fewer days. Can you schedule my team so that we have no games on the the first day or the last day of the tournament?

We can try to schedule your team starting the second day of the tournament however, we are not able to give you the last day off due to championship/bracket games.

We are an out-of-town team. Can you help my team secure a hotel near the venue?

Yes! We work closely with several hotels to give teams discounted accommodation close to our venues. You can find more information on our hotels page.

I have several teams in the tournament but only one coach.  Can you schedule my team so that he/she can make all the games?

Although not guaranteed, we can try to help you with this request during POOL PLAY ONLY. Many factors such as the location of each division might make this difficult so we always recommend having an assistant coach on the bench.

We are an out-of-town team and need to catch our flights home on the last day of the tournament. How can I make sure we have enough time to get to the aiport?

We encourage teams that are flying home to book their flights as late as possible (evening) on the last day of the tournament.  Once you have your flights booked, please send us your itinerary and we will make sure you have enough time to get to the airport after your last game.

What are the rules with regards to playing on multiple teams?

A player is not permitted to play on two different teams within the same division even if the two teams are in two different tiers (gold, silver or bronze). However, a player is permitted to play on two different teams if the teams are in two different age brackets as long as he/she meets the age requirements. For example, if I am a U14 player, playing on a team in the U14 gold division, I am also able to play on a team in the U15, U16 or U17 divisions. However, I would not be eligible to play on another team in the U14 gold, silver or bronze divisions.

Are over-age players allowed to play down?

Players that do not meet the age requirements of the division are not permitted to play on a team.  Teams that are caught violating this policy will be forced to forfeit all games where an over-age player was used.



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What Separates Us From The Rest

Events Hosted at Top Venues

We use University, College and top High School facilities

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Schedules posted online with up-to-the-minute results via the Exposure Events app

Media Coverage

Social media and live streaming at events

Awards For All Division Champions

Bragging rights on the line

Certified Officials and Scorekeepers

All games use association referees & trained game officials

Competition for All Ages & Levels

Divisions for elite, development and recreational teams


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