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Introducing 'Tourney Pass'

Our goal at BC Basketball Events is not only to provide the best quality events but also make it affordable for for teams that would like to play all spring. Introducing the 'Tournament Season Pass' which allows teams to attend 5 of our events, including the Western Canadian Championships; one of Canada's largest and most prestigious club tournaments.

Priced at $2000 for U9-U13 teams and $2100 for U14-U17 teams, the 'Tournament Season Pass' brings the average cost of each tournament to as low as $400 per tournament (much more affordable compared to other events in British Columbia). For larger club programs and Academies where multiple teams compete throughout the spring, these savings can add-up quickly:

1 Team - $375.00 savings 2 Teams -$750.00 savings 3 Teams - $1125.00 savings 4 Teams - $1500.00 savings

5 Teams - $1875.00 savings 6 Teams - $2250.00 savings 7 Teams - $2625.00 savings

8 Teams - $3000.00 savings etc... So what are you waiting for? Purchase your 'Tournament Season Pass' Today and your team(s) will automatically be entered in all tournaments below. Convenience at its finest; only a one-time registration is required instead of having to sign-up multiple times for each event.

Boys Events:

-Vancouver Tip-Off Tournament | April 20-22 -Lower Mainland Hoopfest | May 4-6 -BC Spring Showcase | May 11-13 -BC Spring Shootout | May 25-27

-Western Canadian Championships | June 28-July 1

Girls Events:

-Vancouver Tip-Off Tournament | April 20-22 -Lower Mainland Hoopfest | May 4-6 -Victoria Day Invitational | May 19-20 -BC Summer Showdown | June 23-24

-Western Canadian Championships | June 28-July 1 To register for your pass now, go to our online registration portal by clicking HERE!

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